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More than skincare, our charity & partnership- The Women of Peace represent sisterhood where support, communication and spiritual connection is abundant. A space where we can come together and have dialog that supports our spirituality, health and ideas. I am so proud to be part of this group of enlightened women. Our main goal is to change the world by coming together to impact other womens lives as well as ours, you are invited to join in our journey.

Written by Yasmina Harrison Founder TZOL’Skin


The Women of Peace is a 501 (c)3 under the direction of founder Jelena Petkovic and Chief Peace Officer, Susan Swartz. The Women of Peace creates opportunities for women around the world to gather, create art, and mastermind with one another and learn from integrated and embodied female thought leaders, teachers, and entrepreneurs who are passionate about being a source of peace and service to the world.

Each Assembly, Peace Talk, fundraiser and celebration invites world-renowned speakers, and facilitators of peace, to share inspiration and expertise. The Women of Peace prides itself if supporting women to own their femininity and trust in the value of their own gloriously creative, sensitive, nurturing and expressive nature. In addition to empowering women to be peace-rooted leaders, The Women of Peace sets out to help children’s homes and orphanages, bringing light and peace to the world’s neediest children.


We, The Women of Peace, learn to cultivate peace within and from this inner peace, we walk in peace, accepting only love and peace into our lives and assisting the transmutation of anything other than peace to peace. We believe that as peace we become the soil of healing and love to the world. The better we become at being peaceful the more we trust ourselves, we trust we speak from love, we trust we respond with truth and conviction, we trust what we deserve and do not settle or step back, we trust we can give from a place of abundance, we trust our voice is needed and is to be taken seriously, we trust we can make a bigger difference in this world.

Written by Jelena Petkovic Founder

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